Importance of Social Media Listening in designing Digital Strategy

“Customer generated media is critical to all and it has revolutionized the digital industry with the help of social media listening”

Reasons why social media listening is important for your business:

Social Strategy: If your brand is serious about digital marketing, then you need to integrate social media listening into your digital strategy. With focused listening, brands can know which social media platform is used mostly by its users. It also helps in knowing the general sentiment about the brand, products, services, competitors or industry. By using social media listening, brands can design their social strategies more efficiently and accurately.

Product Analysis: Through social media listening, brands receive real time feedback about their products and services. Analyse your customers’ feedback to discover valuable insights and alter your business strategies to fulfill the needs of customers. This feedback is valuable because it helps in improving your product, service and general strategies.

Campaign Analysis: Social media listening helps you in measuring campaign performances also. Brands have the ability to analyse both quantitative as well as qualitative metrics of a particular campaign. Quantitative metrics can be analysed via share of voice, number of mentions etc. and qualitative metrics can be analysed via sentiment analysis (i.e. positive, negative and neutral mentions on the campaign posts). Brands can measure the performance of a campaign by monitoring the sentiments of a campaign and can modify the content accordingly to get maximum positive comments.

Brand Reputation: Brand reputation is critical to business. Positive brand reputation builds loyalty and increases customer confidence in your brand. Social media listening helps in managing the online reputation of the brand. By actively listening to what your existing and potential customers are saying, you can generate leads, strengthen ties with your user base, control your reputation and avoid potentially damaging situations. Brands can build up a reputation by analyzing all the mentions across channels and by quickly responding to queries and providing solutions.

Competition Analysis: Social media listening provides competition listening to know about competitive landscape which includes campaigns, strategy and customer’s complaints. It helps brands in understanding the customers’ needs & requirements and can help in designing its marketing strategy accordingly. Brands become aware of problems with competition’s product and reaching out to potential prospects, understanding their unique value propositions and monitoring new additions to their product.

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