How Social Media Listening can Improve your Online Presence

With a phenomenal rise in the usage of the internet and social media, online content has become more cluttered than ever it was. With this increase, online dumping of advertisements and promotions has also achieved in a new level. Every brand out there is pushing to hop on the latest trend and a in a bid to do so, digital spectrum has gotten complex to understand and navigate through.

So, such scenario if you a digital expert then, in this whole disarray of data how would you manage what your clients want? Or if you are a brand then how would you possibly decide on what type of data applies to you as a brand? How will you know what YOUR customers are after? Being able to track and act upon it, has become number one priority for businesses and social listening plays a great role here

What is Social Listening?

Millions of conversations, tweets, posts, comments happen on any social media platform at any given time. It is impossible to manually analyze these at once. Here, social listening is more than just what the word stands for this job; it not only listens to the conversations, but also analyses, tracks and gives insights on what key words customers are using to describe your brand.

How it works?

It’s very easy to get lost in the spiral of internet but to be able to navigate through this abyss is a gift. Social Listening aids us in wading through this clutter which is done with the help of keywords. Here, a keyword can be any word or phrase that a customer associates with a brand.

For Example; A telecommunication company would rely on keywords like, “Mobile Data”, “Calling”, “Sim cards”, etc. The use of these keywords while filtering tweets, or posts will make it easy to reach your customers and to segregate the tweets and posts, in terms of positive, neutral and negative.

Associating these keywords to some important terms of your brand such as your individual product names, brand names, tag lines, etc. can enhance filtration further.

How it helps?

• Get reports instantly

Reports help in deciphering your customers thoughts. A detailed report of every possible statistic is what makes it that gives deep insights into how your brand is perceived in the market. There are many matrices to measure your brand performance through these reports.

• Always stay on top

Instant reports help you know if your customers are facing any issues or problems with your products. It helps you be one step ahead and prevent the problem from causing any hindrance to other customers. Reports can also be utilized to take understanding of the market expectations during product development or modification process.

• Easily Gain Insights

Insights are those that attract customers to a business. These insights play a vital part in being able to understand your customers. It gives you the power to immediately create responses based on what your customers are saying about your brand.

Example, the owner of a quaint coffee shop realizes that, a lot of people prefer coming to his shop rather than going to a multi-national brand coffee shop down the road. He also realizes that it is because of the homely ambience that his corner shop has as compared to the corporate mood that the branded shop seems to have. He also realizes that his prices which are way lower than the competition have also started attracting more loyal customers.

This is a type of insight which helps a particular business grow!
If he continues to cater to his customers using these points as reference, his business will flourish.

Improve your campaigns and strategies

Customer is King, and now that you know how your customer thinks, you can reduce your trial and error time to a fraction of what it was before.

• Big Idea

Every marketing activity is centered around one idea. This idea is actually a concept to connect people to your brand, thereby ensuring enhanced reach, engagement and at times, even brand recall.

• Content is Key

Even if your idea is captivating, it won’t make a difference if your customer doesn’t understand it. The content you use to describe your product should be to the point, without to many loopholes.

• Timing matters

If your idea is amazing, content was well-written, but you are still having problems reaching your audience then the problem might be around the time you send out your posts. It might be possible that your audience is not going to be online all the time, and that is what you need to keep in mind.

• Absorb the feedback

Last but not at all the least, once the communication is set out, you need to take into consideration the mass feedback that it gets and here is where social listening comes into play. The feedback back gotten through it is crude and aids you get real insights around the campaign executed from your end.

The process also helps you in case of brand emergencies where extensive disaster management is undertaken to protect the brand image on digital platforms for getting spoiled at the hands of mass reactions.

Social listening thus helps you better your marketing strategies in every ounce and is the next thing in the industry. So, what’s stopping you from doing it too? LocoBuzz excels in providing the marvels of social listening and our technology is already being used by many multinational giants!

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