Upcoming Social Media Trends

As we plan to end our year with a bang, we cannot forget that this year social media was at its peak of usage and now has become a prominent part of many people’s lives.

Gone are the days where social media was simply used for product awareness and discovery. Companies now use it to personify their brand and to connect more deeply with their audience.

For instance: Mercedes Benz taking polls and giving wallpapers to their audience on weekly basis.

Social Media has become a great ingredient to every advertiser’s marketing mix. The world of Social Media is dynamic and Facebook still reigns supreme among all the social media platforms.

So, which all are the newest trends in social media that are going to rule the market in the coming year?

1. Chatbots

The world has lately turned to artificial intelligence and as marketers are now focused on storytelling, chatbots is the in-thing as a part of any social media marketing program. These virtual robots are set to break all the limits and their usage as well as sale is bound to exponentially increase in the coming year.

Chatbots with platforms like Facebook and Messenger can help content marketers effectively and communicate with an audience via an enhanced customer experience. Chatbots have in-built Natural Language Processing (NLP). Some companies have already experienced success.

As more companies embrace chatbot functionality, brands can improve customer service, engagement, conversion rates and an overall better experience for the customer. In fact, chatbots on Facebook Messenger have shown to increase organizational productivity by up to 3.5 times.

2. Stories

What’s common between Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat? Correct! They all are equipped with the story feature. When you want to add something to your social media but don’t want it to stay forever, you add a story and these social media stories are to go to a next level in 2019.

For instance, Instagram is one platform with its story feature by adding new stickers and interactive elements almost every 1 or 2 months.

There are stickers for polls, prompting people to ask questions, rate something and much more. People seem to find a newer way of doing social media marketing and so, these stories and stickers are here to stay for a longer while.

Gifs are trending nowadays, therefore Instagram provides you with a facility to add gifs to your story. To make your video interesting, there is an option named ‘boomerang’ where you could capture a 3 sec video which displays in fast-forward motion and keeps on repeating.

These tools are heavily being used by brands as well as influencers who act as brand advocates which is making way to increased reach and engagement.

3. Live Video

Instagram and Facebook have started off with a new feature, named “Go Live”. Live Video Content comes with no surprise that this is going to be a raging hit in the next year. In fact, live video content has become so popular that roughly 95% of brand executives say it will be a crucial part of their marketing strategy. Consumers love it.

Research shows that 80% of audience prefer watching live video from brands as opposed to reading a blog. 82% people say they would watch live videos than social media post. As a result, most popular social media channels have implemented live streaming options. Brand marketers are taking advantage of it. This will help in maximizing the reach and generate new leads for the company in the coming year as well!

4. Social Listening

Once online, brands have to stay cautious about their image on all the digital platforms. One wrong comment or a rumor can spoil their image which would have taken years to be built. Thus, keeping a track of the entire digital spectrum is vital to stay one step ahead and to keep disasters in control.

Here, Social Listening comes into play. This technology allows the brands to keep the track of all the comments, reviews and conversations happening around their brand, all over the globe. This provides insights into the perceived brand image as well as helps the companies do effective product development.

This technology is recently introduced and is yet to see a very long road ahead. With few companies such us ours, housing this technology, brands are now equipped to ensure a precise control over their brand image in the market.

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality takes something that’s real and alters it to technology. One of the best examples are, Snapchat filters. Facebook jumped on this bandwagon as well. Social Media is taking this to a whole new level. They even built an augmented reality studio for developers to design unique animations.

These filters respond to motion and interactions in real-time, even during live streams. Brands are making a great use of this by introducing brand-oriented filters during their special campaigns and launches. Well, 2019 will have a room for these more than ever since people are expecting more than just that dog filter.

Developments in social media are constantly changing. As a marketer, you’ve to stay up to date with the latest trends to reach the target audience in quantity as well as quality. Twitter is coming up with big changes in 2019. Hoping to see them sooner.

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