6 ways to improve your ORM strategies

"What you post online speaks volumes about who you really are. Post with intention. Repost with caution."

— Germany Kent

Your brand’s success stories are linked to your online presence.

Customers are not always overarching; there is a fine line between maintaining your online reputation or completely shattering it. Customers today have more power over brands than they did 20 years ago. Customer is king and now, they are aware of this paradigm shift.

However, the need for controlling this shift has arisen as this power can at times be over utilized and topple a well-established brand. Customers are always online, reading, tweeting and commenting. They know more about global markets than they did ever before and have certain expectations and demands from the brands.

A brand should try and meet these expectations as best as they can and in times when those demands are not met, ORM (Online Response Management) can really come handy for them.

But, first things first let’s get to know what ORM is.

ORM is the most crucial part of any business, giving you ability to manage your online presence effectively which is a gift in itself. A smart and creative ORM strategy can get you anywhere.
A strong online presence and a quick response can make you a customer favorite.

A US based fast food chain, Denny’s has built a reputation by posting funny and relatable posts on their Twitter and Tumblr pages.

This is a new way of creating a buzz, where brands actively engage with customers using quirky replies and posts.

Speaking in layman’s terms, it is the process of building and maintaining the online reputation of a brand. This process takes time and effort, but once people recognize your efforts it is all smooth sailing from there.

Still not sure how to handle your ORM?
Here are some strategies that can help you in your quest for perfect ORM!

Craft Responses Correctly

Customers expect replies that solve all their queries and problems. The message/ assistance replies you send to them should be written in a way that it resolves their issues and creates a positive image of your brand. A well-crafted messaged works wonders when trying to improve customer experience and thus becomes an essential part of your ORM strategy.

Avoid Removing Comments/ Replies from your Brand Page

A lot of brands and companies believe that deleting a comment makes the problem go away. But, that’s just not the case. When you delete negative comments you potentially harm your brands reputation in the eyes of customers. The customer can end up leaving the company and moving to alternatives to avoid the similar issues in the future. A smarter ORM tactic around this will be to have supportive and reassuring messages that can be used for replying the negative comments. This can help maintain a balanced brand image.

Respond with Honesty and Enthusiasm

“Honesty is the best policy” is the mantra you need to play on repeat here. An honest and enthusiastic reply is what creates the biggest impact when it comes to customer response. Customers respect honest replies when it comes to problems, with the services you provide or the products you sell and such honesty is to be maintained when it comes to ORM as well.

Adhere to Brand Guidelines

A brand should adhere to the brands guidelines in the eyes of the customers. The responses should match the brands stature and style. A brand catering to the elite or business class should use formal language and avoid using slang or acronyms when responding to their customers. Whereas a brand that caters to the working class will use language which they can understand! Having such command over your ORM replies can make your brand a personal favorite among your audience.

Track your Influencers

If they haven’t read a review or watched an unboxing video, customers are hesitant to try or buy new things. They have complete faith in their favorite YouTubers and bloggers, that they have been watching since a long time and trust them to give honest reviews about the product or brand. These YouTubers and bloggers are also known as influencers.

These influencers help your brand image. It is necessary to keep these influencers in check and interact with them, which again is an efficient part of your overall ORM strategy. Influencers can help your product in a way that normal advertising cannot.

Always Respond

A brand should actively engage with their audience on all social media platforms. It helps the brand keep track of their progress and the aspects they need to work on. Customers expect replies. A brand should always reply to any comments or tweets they receive, especially if they are negative. Ignoring comments can harm your brands image so much more than if you reply to the comments.

ORM is not just about responding to your customers, it is also about how accurately you represent your brand.
The whole process is not as complicated as it seems, if done correctly it helps your business in a lot of ways.
There is always room for improvement and you can do so by using the strategies that were listed above.
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