Top 4 AI trends in 2019

Its been 3 months since 2019 initiated and AI still doesn’t cease to make headlines. Followed by ML, these two tech marvels are constantly doing rounds of the social media as well as other offline publications.

We already have giants such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google at the forefront of this new world and as time is proceeding, we are seeing this technology entering our daily life, slowly and gradually. In wake of this hour, let’s understand how you can stay on the top of this AI trend!

Lookout for the AI enabled chips

AI is no child’s play. For it to run effectively, the technology needs a fast processor that complements the CPU of its main system! In fact, even the most advanced and fasted CPUs of today can’t power AI to obtain optimal results from it.

The computers need additional hardware to perform complex mathematical computations to take on extensive AI based tasks.

However, this has been resolved by introduction of specialized, AI enabled chips that are being developed by tech giants. These chips will power your computers with the essential juice to harness the best of AI, providing it various angles of its utilization.

Some of the company that are reportedly working on this segment of hardware are, Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, ARM and Qualcomm who are said to develop such chips in this year itself.

An article in one of the most sought-after magazines also stated that multichannel corporates such as like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook would be investing heavily in this new hardware that will provide them a next level competitive edge, thereby opening newer avenues for them to make the world a better place!

When IoT meets AI

We are still in the grasps of the marvels of IoT while industrial IoT (Commonly known as IIoT) is making its way deeper into the industry. However, there is a new ride for us to enjoy altogether as AI is set to meet IoT.

Employing AI in IIoT would ensure more precision in all the operations that would be conducted by IIoT as the AI would be able to identify all the lose ends and the whole thing coupled with ML would ensure self-repair and rectification thereby leaving no scope for production defects, loss and other additional loopholes.

It is said that advanced ML models based on deep neural networks will be soon will be capable of dealing with video frames, speech synthesis, time-series data and unstructured data generated by devices such as cameras, microphones, and other sensors.

AI driven IoT is set to revolutionize almost everything around us, thereby taking automation to a next level and staying on the trend of this development is beneficial for any business owner!

Emergence of Automated ML

The basic issue with ML is that this advanced tech is somewhere bounded by the shackles of traditional approach. The GenZ demands solutions that are faster and effective.

This generation doesn’t want to know the process followed. They don’t want to understand the thinking behind. Once in power, all they will demand is quick redressal and solution provision.

Thus, to provide this, ML will have to switch to AutoML wherein the entire function will focus on the business problem while solving rather than getting confused in the system processes and workflow.

At the ground root level, AutoML is again a marvel of AI coupled with ML wherein the technology portrays a certain degree of flexibility that fits perfectly between cognitive APIs and custom ML platforms.

This, it delivers the right level of customization without forcing the developers to go through the elaborative workflow, thereby ensuring faster and more effective problem solving.

Deliverance of development by AI

With all practices being brought online there is a huge rise in stocking of data sets. This has given rise to Big Data and with that has emerged the importance of data indexing, searching and analytics.

With times, analytics has shifted from manual to machine-based analytics. When ML tools are applied to such large data sets, various patterns are found, thereby leading to grave insights.

These insights power the ML based tools to turn the results from being reactive to predictive. But with AI in form, there can be a whole new platform that can be installed here.

The entire stage of predictive analysis can be skipped with AI proving legit intelligence to the data set holders. This intelligence can lead to various developmental operations that can bring in a total change in terms of how things functions.

Implications of the same can be seen over productions systems, marketing and various other major parameters of business.

Thus, its close to say that AI is going to take bring the world in a newer light and as the history has proved, this change is something that we all must be part of or should cease to exist! Well, if such is the case, then why not stay at the forefront of this revolution?

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