Let’s Talk About #BoycottAmazon

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Tweet and treat effectively.

Controversial or Interventional, twitter trends, comments & reviews are one of the most beneficial ways in which brands can make it or break it. Believe it or not opinions do matter in this growing realm of consumerism.
Let’s analyse the ongoing social movement against Amazon because of its, well…inventory, to understand this phenomenon with a larger perspective.

The problem!

Amazon recently added some of the doormats and table mats to its inventory with pictures of Hindu Gods printed on those products. India being a religiously sensitive country took no time to take this E-com giant by storm and a nation-wide movement to boycott was initiated, later spreading like a wildfire!
Twitter being the most preferred platform in such matters was obviously the optimally utilized weapon of the keyboard warriors. In no time #BoycottAmazon and #BanAmazon sparked this trend which transformed ultimately a direly agitated movement.
As the trend started progressing tweet by tweet, we couldn’t help but analyse this whole saga! To our good fortune, we have recently added a new screen to our Digital Command Center that goes by the name “Keyword Analysis Screen”

As interesting as it sounds, this screen helps you unpack all the mysteries behind any trending keyword, thereby giving you insights in terms of its initiation as well as mention volume.

Our Analysis

As per our new “Keyword Analysis Screen” we found out that it was on 15th of May 2019, around 1:33 AM when first mention around Amazon disturbing Hindu sentiments was tweeted out and then rest is History!

We noticed that around 6:03 AM there were more mentions regarding the same issue and that’s when it all started. In totality, there were 35,185 mentions that were captured during this trend which were brewed by 16,385 unique users. There were 62,873 engagements that went back and forth during this whole fiasco and many influencers such as top media channels in India were part of this too!

Sentiment Analysis

One closer analysis, we found that there was an interesting sentiment breakdown of this trend.
9,393 negative sentiments
24,176 neutral sentiments
2,975 positive sentiments

Though there were many positive sentiments towards this issue, the ratio was totally unbalanced and was leaning more towards the negative mentions. Apart from Twitter, the trend also got extended to some of the other digital domains as well such as News, blogs and Discussion Forums.

Dynamic Tag Cloud and Trend Analysis

It was interesting to see that even though the issue initiated on Twitter at 1:33 AM, it started to take a rise at 8AM and the it was at the peak at 4PM after which the trend took a drop. Well, this was mainly in terms of the trend of the negative mentions trend but similar trend was observed in the positive mentions took a drop at 12PM.

The tag cloud that formed on our end for this particular trend was very interesting. It precisely gave the entire sentiment that floated in the digital space with respect to this hashtag and clearly highlighted other keywords that ran parallel to this trend.

Prolific Users and their Engagement

At Locobuzz, we don’t just listen to the social buzz but also provide all the valid data points that help you activate the most viable disaster management operation. Wonder how? We have a special screen that shows “Prolific users”. These are the users that show maximum value in terms of speaking about the trend or the captured keyword.

In case of this particular trend, we saw that there were many prolific users whose tweets got heavy reach as well as impressions. One user hailing from Mumbai had 15.2 thousand impressions and 5.3 thousand reach who happened to be one of the topmost prolific users.

But the story doesn’t end here! Our tool also provides the option to filter these users based on the required data set filter. So, we went ahead and filtered the fetched prolific users based on engagement and the results were quite breath-taking! These were the users who got huge number of engagement during the trend and major users were from Delhi or Bangalore. The topmost user here from Delhi had 3,000 engagement 1.3 Million impressions and 443.8 Thousand reach!

The Power of Influencers

As the matter of fact, we all know that influencers play a major role in giving a stronger boost to any on-going trend and we couldn’t stop ourselves from checking who all were part of this! On further analysis we found that there were multiple categories of influencers involved in this trend!

Major names such as The Hindu, India TV, Deccan Chronicle, The Quint, News24 India and many other personalities from various professional, political and celebrity backgrounds amongst a few influencers identified by our tool.

Exploring the Demography and Geography

On analysing the gender-wise share of voice distribution, we found that 82.48% mentions were done by men and 17.52% were done by women. Whereas while looking at the major buzz locations, it was Delhi (2,127 mentions) was the major source of the buzz with Mumbai (1,228 mentions) following it and Bangalore (572 mentions) as well as Pune (449 mentions) right below it!

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