As Marketplaces get smarter, your technology needs to hit the charts with its command over Social Media and the people of the times. Relationships are getting complicated, and how do you appease, and what platforms should you use to please?

Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Command Centres; the new age allies to CRM?

This Triple Power Package not only helps you keep a real-time track on your brand's consumer behaviour and insights but also takes care of your Damage Control and Online Reputation Management.

What if we had an Auto-Assistant for our brands too?

Like for personal assistance we have our Siri’s and Alexa’s, likewise Clever Bot technologies can enable brands talk to their data and manage them in seamless ways. So just Click, Identify and Start Chatting! In this manner you will be able to gather all the chatter on your Social Media Handles, and then be able to overlook all the activity, demographic motion and mentions through your own personal Command Centres, that could also aid in quick customer engagement responses and provide alerts on which topic or influencer needs your immediate attention.

The Sociable Quotient

And then we think, is it Important for brands to be Social??
Oh Yes, we may overlook this, but Social Media Presence should be the brand's topmost priority as it builds Customer Experience and holds greater value in Customer Retention.
Questioning why? So here’s the key, in this over engaging and competitive market, maintaining Customer Relations is a key primary motive in enhancing brand image and loyalty, enabling all the expansive expectations that your Sales teams might target, and in time it provides valuable generation of forever loyal people you always wanted to be a part of your brand community.

Add a Human Touch to your Tech

Highlighting this context, a humanistic approach to all your computerised operations can be fulfilled by Social Platforms being integrated with state-of-the-art CRM softwares, that increases customer satisfaction by the minute though Social Listening and Learning that come in the package.

Personifying Marketing to reach your Apex

Having issues in assigning Automation to your Marketing? No problem, all you need to do is search for Locobuzz in your local search engines, and the problem is solved!!
Locobuzz is one of the best Customer Relationship Management Platforms that combine AI Analytics and Machine Learning to provide you with-
• Social Media Listening • Brand Perception and performance Analytics & Insights. • Response Workflows • Automation and Chatbot Services for quick responses. • Smart CRM and Immediate attention area ticketing. Adding to this you won’t even have to wait, just forward a request, and gain insights every 5 minutes. Subscribe to the tools, Engage, Immerse and Converse, and get Automated!