#Article370, The Twitter Thought, and Insight.

Article 370 and 35A is now ineffective!

Let’s understand the ‘twitter talk’ on this situation.

The article which once recognized J&K to be a province under special status is now revoked. A province which enjoyed Autonomy is now divided into 2 halves; J&K as a Union territory under legislation authority and the other Ladakh as a Union Territory not liable under legislation

An Overnight decision by the Indian Government, for a time where special status was ceased, is now called “A Historic Day” towards Indian Unity.

This Virtual Surgical Strike proposed on 5th August 2019, entailed the following-

  • J&K to be no longer a state enjoying special privileges
  • J&K will share its flag with India
  • The Province is to be Bifurcated into J&K and Ladakh
  • Outsiders will be allowed to buy property in Jammu and Kashmir
  • There would be no restrictions on Jobs or settlement of Industries
  • There will be a legislature that would govern J&K but not Ladakh, but both will be answerable to New Delhi

Amidst the debate on a possible political polarization battle between India and Pakistan, and the core chief ministers of J&K under house arrest, security troops all around, Internet blocked, telephones lines shut, and Kashmir under Lock down.

News prompts us that,

India believes, this step is for the greater good to uplift the status of J&K.

Whereas, with a law existing since decades revoked overnight, the Kashmir Population believes this to be injustice and snatching their right of Autonomy.


Twitter received a total number of 5,41,093 opinions in the form of mentions, with 1,78,971 unique profiles got 'Tweeting'.

With a majority in favor and neutrality of conversation 3,06,062 profiles in count to the cause, this stands as one of the most remarkable and gutsy steps taken by the Indian government, sending signals of ‘nationalism’ and ‘Unity’ that people were proud and encouraged with.

The trend which politically astounded the globe was given a boost on 5th August at 11:24 am when Chetan Bhagat tweeted "Article 370 never gave Kashmiris freedom. It only created selfish leaders who created a terror filled society and robbed Kashmiri youth of opportunity. It is finally time for it to go. Anyone objects, tell them loudly: One Country, One System. #Article370 #OneCountryOneSystem" received an engagement of 41.2K.

And the famous Cricketer/ Influencer, Suresh Raina who tweeted on the same day at 2:21 pm, “Landmark move - scrapping of #Article370! Looking forward to smoother, and more inclusive times. #JaiHind” that gathered an engagement of 63.5K.

Media Houses accounted for 69.42% of the news updates on twitter with India Today , DD News, ABVP Voice, The Hindu , with Hindustan Times stating facts upon what will change for J&K in its tweet on 6 Aug.

Mehbooba Mufti also tweeted on Aug 5th stating that its incorrect to keep elected representatives of J&K under house arrest that received great traction from supporters against the cause, which received a support of 27.3K.


Well, as obvious as it is, there was a clash of opinions by the considered different nationalities of people with extremist views on #Article370.
There was a subtle inclination to ‘Party and caste’ favoritism too.
However, this step by the government was calculated to be majorly neutral by general population as most amount of buzz was generated in India with Delhi gathering 39,585 mentions.

The analysed support from the Digital World to PM. Modi’s decision told us that the world looks at this as a step forward towards development of the whole country in general.

Holistically the amount of posts circling around this trend were 5,38,705, indicating that the masses feel themselves to be imperative in acknowledging political resolutions. And on basis of Twitter the shares accounting for 4,31,365 in number, stated that Indians are driven and encouraged towards National enlistment.

And as we speak of the Share of Voice on the Topic, 82.13% of men and 17.87% of women, contributed to this trend hinting that twitter remains as a highly beneficial medium to generate insights that can cause a dynamic change to anything.


Besides the general #Article370, “Kashmirhamarahain” was the used with a 1,15,416 count, with “Kashmirparfinalfight” which was used in 78,910 mentions.

Looking at the Emojis on the other hand, the one joining hands was most used, along with other popular emojis.

Whether it be “for the better or for worse”, the future is yet to reveal itself. So, just for now, “Keep Calm and Keep Tracking”.

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