Is your festive campaign heading in the right direction?

With the festive season just around the corner, it’s that time of the year where all the brands unleash their best campaigns out in the market.

In order to get the most out of your campaigns, it’s important that you continually keep an eye on them. Here are 3 ways by which you can assess if your campaign is performing well and then make changes to improve it, only if necessary.

Real time campaign management

Is your campaign matching up to your expectations? With Locobuzz you can check all the core pillars of your campaign. Right from its sentiments to the engagement it receives. Well, that’s not it. It gives you the breakdown of your campaign’s performance delivery on various levels. This helps you know if it is going in the desired direction! If not, you can always indulge in course correction to get better results. Now here’s the catch. What if we tell you that all these data points are provided to you in real-time? You read it right! We believe in instant actions and thus that makes real-time tracking vital!

Tag Cloud and keyword highlights

While engagement and reach are the strongest parameters to measure a campaign’s success, in this world of customer experience, it has also become vital to know the exact response attained by your campaigns. Here your Locobuzz tool will play a vital role. The tool captures the data surrounding your campaign and find out the major keywords that people have used to address your communication or to respond to it. That helps you understand people’s view about your campaign! Locobuzz also has emoji tagcould that shows the major emojies that were used by your audience in response to your campaign. Now, isn’t that exciting?

Alerts and influencer management

While we live in this world of liberty and free press, there always is a sword hanging over a marketer's head. Even though your campaign is great, there can be one-minute point that can trigger a mass outrage (Not needed always). There are plenty of examples of it and you surely don’t want your brand name added to that list. What to do in that case? Quite simple! Once you are onboard with Locobuzz and your campaign starts running, the complex Locobuzz algorithms will capture all the data in real-time and at any point in time when it sees any tweet or activity taking things against your brand, it will raise an alert. Once alerted, you can easily avoid any digital contingency, keeping your brand safe. Similarly, as a brand, you can at times get a major boost when an influencer decides to talk positively about your campaign. Locobuzz raises an influencer alert at this time, helping you as a brand to capitalize on this.

Well, this is the age of real-time marketing. Things work on a very faster pace and keeping up with this speed is the only key to successful campaign execution. Locobuzz understands this and thus can be a great partner to work with during any new campaign!