The Locobuzz App- Where Data is 'actioned' at your Fingertips!

At Locobuzz we are driven by the motto of exceeding customer expectations. This enables our offerings to be incremental, integrative and immersive. And supporting this stance Locobuzz’s journey has been transformative.

From a simple new-age Digital Data Insight tool we have become the Complete Customer Experience Suite.

This is because of the 3 S’s that fuel our mission

  1. Scalable – to introduce a tool that is expansive with true actionable intent.

  2. Solution Worthy- to invent solutions that cause enable disruption in market spaces.

  3. Satisfying- to in the end lead to customer satisfaction, and an end-to-end integrated customer experience.

Built on AI, ML and Big Data, we are a comprehensive insight and analytics giving engine, servicing in the fields of Marketing, Customer Service, Branding, product development and enhancing brand health and experience.

But what about now?

Living in an interactive application-based market, Locobuzz can now be downloaded from an app store and accessed on the go!

So, what is in it for you?

The Locobuzz App provides data and performance tracking at your fingertips, whether it may be getting a quick look at your mentions or wanting to just analyse your Campaigns performance, this app will enable monitoring in instances of mobility.

Some features that will make you hit the download button-

  1. Micromanagement of ORM
    You can respond to your user queries, complaints and drive Online Reputation Management form the app itself. This reduces any back log in responses or delay in resolving a problem by a customer.

  2. Summary of your Analytics in brief
    Gather Insights and track your campaigns performance with notifications and updates from your phone. Your laptop would indeed appreciate the break and you can strategize your way forward and save yourself from the overload.

  3. Instantly Schedule Reports
    Let’s assume that your report is ready, your system just suddenly crashed or your have to run for a meeting, and you have to deliver a report or a performance breakup immediately! You can solve this fix by scheduling your report from the application, which saves time and a potential top management crisis.

When you have a heavy platform, complimented by a mobile app and a successful team that enables organisational automation, an exemplar of worthy Customer Experience is mastered.
Creating accessibility and data proficiency a 24/7 enabler for brand growth and innovation.