10 Ways to Know your Customers Better

People prefer Social Media for Customer care over other channels but 95% of customer complaints on Social media don’t reach companies. Smart Insights

70% of people are more likely to use a brand product when being reached out on Social media- Smart Insights

Social media is the best way for answering customer complaints and queries statistically being 48% more accurate and 44% more faster than using email. Smart insights

Now there is a reason why Social Media facilitating easier interactions between Brands and their consumers.
Social media is handy, direct and faster than any other channel ever existing in the last decade.

It connects people not only with their friends but also with the ones they aspire; their idols, and most importantly increases approachability for companies offering ‘Direct to use’ products.

54% of Social Browsers use Social Media to research products GlobalwebIndex 2018, so, isn’t this a considerable amount Market share worthy of connecting with and acquiring?

Lets deep dive into 10 Steps that will get you closer to your customers-

1.Listen to them on Social Media

Social Listening is not only an aggregation of analyzing consumer perspective but also a tool for Market research. Bringing in social conversations as the number one aspect to drive service quality enhancements and understand your brand pulse.

2.Pay attention to what annoys them

Rather than focusing on the buzz and 'virality' of a post, gather information on what are the key triggers for your consumers that probe an annoyed comment or emoji. And as they say, a consumer who is angry is the one who is hungry and a brand who attends is the one who attains.

3.Profile them based on their sentiments

Customer profiling doesn’t just happen by integrating your CRM with a CX Platform.
It’s the in-depth analytics that garner their sentiments over every mention to help you service them with offers at a personal level. Sentiments also improve your service as a whole, after analyzing in detail what aspect of product or service are the sentiments related to and thereby also generating a feel-good factor for your brand.

4.Track their digital activity (likes, shares, comments and retweets)

Now you may think that activity as minuscule as likes, shares, and retweets, don’t matter, but they actually help you to deep dive into key areas to analyse their focus and soft corners, to deliver a service that fulfills a need, a want and a thought. With this you can also track trends which enable you to leverage content and communication and also bring your brand to a certain social pedestal.

5.Analyse their Endorsements

People don’t wait to flaunt stuff they love or enjoy, Food, Fashion and most famously confectionery. Images account for the costliest of intel you can ever gather to get up close and personal with your consumers and thanks to Social Media tracking brand endorsements has never been easier.

6.Analyse Customer Reviews

Nowadays, with the increased access to smart phones, every business is instantly mobile and ‘Googleable’. With Fast moving consumer content feeding you and company offers breathing constant updates to your brain, giving reviews on popular sites has not only become a trend but also a form of self-avocation; a way which is fruitful for both the brand and the consumer. So, keeping a tab on these reviews is imperative, to negate infamous social backbiting. In the productive tangent tracking your brand reviews can also initiate ways to improve marketing and customer satisfaction.

7.Stay close to their influencers

The #1 stimulus which is persuasion effective are the endorsements and content Marketing done by Social Media Influencers. So how do you track them right? Drive Social Listening, analyse which famous person is getting the popular vote and on what products, quickly check what is their target group, and lastly, go get in touch!

8.Sell them a story

Ever heard the phrase ‘stories sell’? the reason everything that you consume has a story to tell is that then it lures you towards an emotion, and the best of profits are earned by a business when a purchase is made through the subconscious mind. Imagine you were living in a robotic world, configured to only specific situational intents, would you have a mind, a need, a craving to satisfy, the gratification sensed out of materialism? That’s why stories are important.

9.Analyse your brand interaction and communication

After this story you say ask yourself, is there a one- or two-way aspect to it? Being a taker doesn’t make your brand a crowd pleaser, the world works in a barter, to deal and to gain. Therefore, analyse how you interact with your consumers, stay sensitive and stay inventive, to keep your target close and your competition away. All this happens only when you track your performance in Real-time with a Data Analytics Hub

10.Identify customers across channels

Open ended conversations are never cherished, and the ones dreaded more are the ones that are broken. No one wants to start over, whether it is an inquiry or a new ask altogether. That’s why the most important aspect of customer experience is having a one view of your customer. Wherever they stop you follow up and begin again. And in this matter even chatbots help in doing the above as well as being available online 24/7 in case someone wants to do some midnight chatting with your brand.

These are the 10 things in 2020 to get you closer to your customers, all you have to do is Keep Calm, stay connected, keep interacting, tracking and analyzing in real-time. The question is Are you ready?