When Online - UI+ UX = CX...

User Interface linked up with User Experience is the definition of Online Customer Experience.

What is User Interface?
Imagine roads without signboards, ATM’s or pitstops, how would navigation from point A to B feel like? That’s exactly what is necessary for the online Marketplace, where you stand apart with 3 unique attributes-

  • Your Brand Voice
  • Your Representation and offering
  • Your website/application navigation

Now, another aspect that holds a value point is how your brand’s communication, representation and navigation, motivates a customer and probes a transaction.
So how do you effectively lead customers to a transaction?

Here comes User Experience…
UX is very personal to each customer, where eventually each sight has to be interconnected to an end which means a subscription or purchase. User Experience depends on three crucial triggers

  • Your pre-purchase services
  • Your application integrations
  • The capability of your offerings to be immersive

As individual as it is, UX depends on basic psychological needs, an atmosphere that looks pretty filled with unique or soft on the eye yet catchy colours, descriptions that reveal just enough information, and seamless, boundaryless, wayfinding.

What also helps is a chatbot, that makes your customers feel that you have a person standing by you and guide you throughout your online brand experience.
This brings us to that quality that sums it all: Customer Experience

CX depends how you treat your customers. How you establish the loyalty in them. How you take care of them. Here, we can characterise customers as the child, highly impatient, in sheer want of personal attention, so what do you do?

  • You respond to their slightest of queries, quickly and effectively
  • You acknowledge them with gifts
  • You remain always available for their whims and fancies (pre and post sales)
  • You handhold them while they choose something into their shopping bag and probe options
  • You deliver great videos, captivating and clickable contests so that they are always entertained
  • And you always listen, to what influences them

Let’s say why in the online space, UI+ UX = CX
User Interface is the hardware
User Experience is the software
Customer Experience is the Processor performance
Which all combine to deliver great application support and long-lasting usage.
Therefore, you should aim to keep your brand interface updated with different personas, your user experience catering to new trends, and your customer experience dynamic.