WhatsApp - Potential to be the one stop shop for Customer Engagement

WhatsApp has a lot working for it! When we think customer engagement/Service - it has things which every brand would love to take advantage of when it comes to interacting with its customers - happy or irate!


Largest possible user base - almost everyone has it!
It is private - (only between the brand and the user) no one wants to wash its dirty linen in public or even openly share details of a potential un-decided customer.
Read Receipts - brands cant be held hostage by the SMS providers - users can be held accountable from readability etc. Did you know for billing now a WhatsApp bill is as legal as the hard copy you get?


Missing UX elements - for the love of god, get some elements from messenger into it - Image carousel, quick action buttons! - you have won the game - without this it is just not a great CX

Approach to market - limiting control (at-least in India) to people who actually have been selling SMS to sell this will just not work! hello!! business want to sell more - not either or! Make it democratic to have the API before Apple or Google beat you to the advantage you have!

Even while they implement these changes, it is still a great platform to engage with your customers - We at Locobuzz have already implemented some of the largest CX solutions on WhatsApp and I cant emphasise how important medium this is for brands! if you want to engage with us write to me! or fill this form. If you have some other partner in mind - work with them, but don't miss this opportunity!

I hope people at WhatsApp are listening - make these small changes/improvements - Lets transform it as the most used CX platform form the most used messaging platform!