3 Tiers of tracking your “Social Media Campaign Performance”

Today, we actively campaign on Social Media for mainly three things, visibility, new customers and business ROI. It’s a space where you can actually covert millions of data points into actionable insights.
So, lets deep dive into a few essential KPI’s bifurcated into 3 tiers to track your Social Media Campaign performance effectively.

Tier 3: Activity

Your campaigns are ineffective without activity. In this stage your likes, shares and impressions are prime.

  • Likes: Your content efficiency and campaign attractiveness are determined by this component.

  • Reach: Defined by how many unique users have seen your post, this component indicates towards the visibility that your campaign has gained.

  • Impressions: Attributes to the capacity of your Ad/ Campaign to impress your audiences.

Tier 2: Action

There is no result without action. In this stage, your shares, comments and engagement are prime.

  • Shares: this indicates that your branding and communication has already connected with your audiences.

  • Comments: This aspect probes actionability. And to make things smarter, compliment this with Sentiment Analysis, it will enable you to analyse what your consumers actually feel about your service or brand altogether.

  • Engagement: Higher the engagement, greater the interest. This also gives you key insights on potential conversions.

Tier 1: People

“When you have no one to buy, the business will die”. So here comes the most important benefit of Social Media Campaigning; Reaching the right people, at the best time, and choosing the best social market space.

  • Right Platform: Each platform has a benefit of its own, thereby connecting your campaign agenda to the right platform is key. Rather, interconnecting every platform with a singular motive but different approaches will enable an omni-channel way to drive more traffic and enhance awareness among various audience segments.

  • Page Visits: After promotions and audience targeting, if you have an increased number of profile visits you know your campaign has the potential to acquire new customers.

  • Audience Growth: this is the periodic overview that enables measurement and ROI over Marketing and Brand performance. A higher growth percentage can not only increase your customer database but also amplify your popularity as a brand on Social Platforms.

Social Media is where your online Marketing, Branding and Customer Service can really amplify Offline Sales.

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