Top 3 Ways You Can Map CX Journeys With Locobuzz!

The era of the pandemic has led the business communities to take a strategic turn where opportunities of survival have called for innovation, adaptation and the huge use of AI technology to aid customer and forge strong brand relations. Many brands have pivoted their business models and are now focusing on understanding customer behaviour and sentiment during global quarantines and lockdowns.

So how do you know what to look for from your customer base?

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Study: A Gartner study shows that great customer service is the tipping point for a brand’s true success online with almost 89% of the companies competing on the basis of customer experience alone! With the rise of online browsing, it is becoming essential for brands to mine customer opinions and look for likes, comments, reviews, UGC that reveals unadulterated sentiment of your brand’s product or service. Thanks to social listening, handling large amounts of data is best left to tools with powerful and state-of-the-art AI tech and machine learning abilities that not just decipher sentiment, but with acute analysis, help you convert negative or neutral customers to positive ones!

Loyalty Programmes through AI Tech: This is the best time to provide customers and potential customers with the incentive for indulging in your brand. I call it indulgence because, people may be focusing on buying essentials, but not always buying indulgences, as they are simply “browsing”, thanks to COVID. Which is why, studying customer data will help curate a loyalty programme as a means to connect with a potential buyer. In order to use AI tech to aid brand loyalty, Locobuzz can be integrated with loyalty programmes where customer interaction is monitored and awarded for frequent engagement!

Generate Channels and CX Touchpoints: Remember how the world turned digital overnight in 2020? Social Media has been a busy buzz-field of chatter, content, queries, commerce, marketing – anything you name. Point is, are you there where you should be? Advanced AI technology has resulted in the rise of Smart bots, that with the infusion of machine learning capabilities have become the solitary, low-cost workforce, and 24X7 FLR support for many brands globally! Brands are now even accessible to people on WhatsApp which has seen a rise of 51% global dependency in the month of March 2020, and users reach out to brands on this platform a lot!

Now is the time to redefine and digitalize – and there is always hope for the most surprising turn-of-events. Speaking of - Video gaming and events industries are reinventing themselves too – as literally 3.1 billion people have proven themselves to be gamers in this pandemic! While events on the other hand, managed many miracles – Tomorrowland 2020 was a digital event, which sold 4 lakh tickets in 5 minutes for full server! Travis Scott, the famous rapper, performed virtually live, in a giant 3D avatar, right in the middle of the online shooter game, Fortnite, where more than 12 million active players were present!

The dawn of new CX is here and the world around us is already changing. So, if you are a brand who isn’t already on a digital transformation train, ask yourself, are you right there with your customers? Do you have all the help you need? Do you have what it takes to restructure your customer’s journey into the finest customer experience ever?

If you are, then all you have to do is talk to Locobuzz and equip yourself with the future of CX management.

Nishevita Aiyer
Client Relationship Manager
Locobuzz Solutions Pvt Ltd

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