The Kanakia Case Study: Chatbots & Real Estate

Locobuzz showcases how CHATBOTS help manage the digital customer experience in a highly competitive sector like REAL ESTATE. In conversation with one of the most renowned players in the Real Estate today – The KANAKIA Group

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What do you think about a real-estate brand using automation/chatbot services?

Real estate is one of those sectors where quick turn-around & clear communication plays a vital role in managing customer experience. Artificial intelligence has become a strong ally which is providing opportunities to support customer retention while performing different sales stages. Right from Facebook to Instagram to other social media platforms, developers have left no stones unturned to interact and make the communication easy for the customers.

Thus, Chatbot is not only a great tool to leverage on but has also made the customer interaction more effective by providing information in the real-time.

How would you qualify or describe the success of using a chatbot for a real estate brand?

When we have the right audience visiting, interacting, and showing interest through our website. We believe that, that is the measure of success of a chatbot for any real estate brand. K-bot (our chatbot) has helped us to eliminate the TAT and respond to the queries in real-time round the clock. Since we also have access to a dashboard which provides customer insights and analytics and most essentially provides an overview about the campaign’s overall effectiveness. This helps us in planning better strategies for future.

How has the use of a Chabot helped you to deal with real estate practicalities - such as site-visits and lead generation?

One of the main reasons we wanted to implement the K-bot was to reach out to the potential buyers in an interactive way, understand their profiles and generate business. The real-time assistance eliminated the need for the customer to wait, respond to the queries while collecting data about their preferences and helped us generating qualified leads and increased site visits.

From a brand perspective, how would you like to describe the customer response to K-bot?

The K-BOT has been appreciated by the customers as it reduced the turn-around time by providing information INSTANTLY and added great value to the user’s personal experience.

What special challenges did KANAKIA face before the implementation of a chatbot? Were you able to notice a patterned change in customer insights after the use of the K-bot?

The K-Bot was added for enhancing the overall customer user experience. It also helped us in eliminating the wait time and provided insights and analytics with effective data management. As a process of continuous development, we were able track the change & gather customer preferences, trends that eventually helped us monitor the user interactions, adapt relevant questions and responses accordingly. This was an unexplored avenue in terms of data analytics for a firm like ours but it worked out perfectly.

As a brand, how have you leveraged automation in building your present and future strategies?

The most significant advantage any form of artificial intelligence offers is the associated analytics and data management. The K-Bot insights helped us understand the most searched project of KANAKIA along with the average time spent by each individual on their Bot conversation.

The chatbot market is a highly competitive one. Why Locobuzz particularly?

At the time, where there is a huge competition in any sector, digital upgradation is the need of the hour. LocoBuzz, helped us achieve a milestone in our journey of adapting the new and future-ready technology for business enhancement. We may have deployed the bot, but it was the after-sales service that truly mattered. Working with an enthusiastic team since the time of commencement has been a great experience. Where customer satisfaction is a very important factor for any product or services, Locobuzz has never failed to impress us and have provided with the most specialized services. Each member at LocoBuzz has a creative approach, proactive attitude, and responsive behaviour, making it one of the most sought-after technology partners in the country.

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