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An analysis of the different needs of a brand for consumer response management, and how Locobuzz is the answer to all your needs.

The majority of conversations about a company happen on social media platforms, and it has become increasingly important to monitor, store, analyze and respond to this “chatter”. In a world that is overflowing with a choice at every turn, customer loyalty is highly sought after in competitive markets. Customer Experience Management Platforms (CXM) enable a company to create a long-lasting bond with its customers by effectively interacting with and responding to their concerns, queries and feedback.

With a social media scheduling tool, a company can create and push out content more consistently. It enables you to diversify your content over multiple platforms while managing time more effectively. Tools like Buffer can enable you to “tell your brand’s story and grow your audience”

The next step is to analyze the response to the content you push out. An analysis tool also enables you to benchmark your performance through competitor analysis, stay up-to-date on new consumer trends, and provide insights into new market opportunities. Tools like Brandwatch can help you “find meaning in billions of conversations happening online”

After analyzing content, the next step for effective CXM is the management of customer response! This enables a company to manage crises preemptively and reduce negative chatter.

Tools like Sprinklr provide services for “prioritized response, quick turnaround, and prompt resolution”

The final aspect of CXM over social media are chatbots that enable you to qualify leads, answer questions, and automate customer response. This enables you to provide customer service 24/7 while reducing operation costs. Chatbot softwares like Drift “give your website a personal assistant”

While all of these functions of CXM systems are all individually important to the successful management of a brand’s presence online, a system that integrates all four features is the most cost-effective and efficient way. This is why Locobuzz needs to be your stop.

Engage is a social media analytics and engagement platform, which combines real-time data collection and analysis to produce reports. It maps consumer insights, spots trends and even gives you on-demand historic data.

Locobuzz’s Immerse is a digital intelligence hub that actively listens and monitors the social health of your brand in real-time. It identifies influencers and analyzes trends, and helps you devise an engagement strategy.

Locobuzz’s Converse allows a business to create chatbots that are driven by the goals of a brand. This is done by mapping a journey of the bot and precision marketing to target and lock in your customers, generate leads and sales. The bot allows a brand to communicate in multiple languages around the clock.

Along with augmenting data, Engage and Immerse both produce multi-speciality reports and observe consumer sentiment. They then help you respond. Locobuzz integrates all the needs of a business into one tool, and you do not need a million dollars to procure it!

Insiya Raja
Team Locobuzz

Locobuzz is a SaaS platform that converges with technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data and Analytics to provide brands with a 360-degree customer experience management suite. Locobuzz’s powerful analytics algorithms have helped seasoned brands establish a strong foothold in the digital hemisphere and transformed their customer experience journeys. Visit our website for more information on our cx management services that are catered toward businesses like yours!

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