We Shattered the Glass Ceiling and Fixed the Broken Rung: Women at Locobuzz

Whether it is pay inequality, underrepresentation or discrimination, the field of technology poses significant barriers to women. These inequalities are most pronounced in AI and Machine Learning. Women at Locobuzz are proud to put the company forth as a model of change that is much needed in the world.

Most women in technology will agree that there is a “glass ceiling” that is holding nearly half of the human race. This glass ceiling prevents women from reaching senior leadership positions. As companies have tried to diversify their workforce, a bigger obstacle for women has emerged in the field of technology: “the broken rung”. This symbolizes the lack of women advancing in the very first level of their job and remaining stuck in entry-level positions. Over time, this diminishes their value and stuns their potential, leading them to leave the industry altogether. About half of the women leave the field of technology, a trend that has been dubbed “a leaky pipeline”

There are many ways in which the work culture at Locobuzz has enabled a tech company to overcome these challenges. These simple and effective solutions have had far-reaching consequences for the company to ensure growth, success, and loyalty of their employees.

Make Sure Everyone Has A Voice

Women are oftentimes made to feel like they should hold back their opinions. Keep a low profile, don’t ask too many questions, and keep your thoughts to yourself. This is the advice women receive indirectly as a result of prescriptive stereotypes that are deeply entrenched in society. This cannot be remedied simply by stating that a company is inclusive - it needs to be reflected in the approach to a company’s organizational structure.

Locobuzz ensured an open environment in which people are not only free but also encouraged to engage. The people at the top are personable and approachable who ensure that all their employees are treated equally and held to the same standards. This has made the women at Locobuzz never shy away from big ideas and be proud of their confidence and energy. Locobuzz is a testament to the commendable rate at which women envision and bring about change when they work within a conducive environment. Check out Shayeri's lastest article, "We Will Not Only Hear, We Will Listen: Discovering my passion and finding my voice" to read more about her experiences.

Helping Your Employees Ensure A Work-Life Balance

The inescapable reality in India (and across most of the world) is that the division of work at home is unfair. Women are expected to shoulder the majority, if not all, of housework. A company needs to make sure that they give women enough room to determine for themselves how they can best tackle all their workload without sacrificing their family.
It is really the small things that count. This needs to be both top-down and bottom-up. Locobuzz makes sure their offices have facilities for women to bring and attend to their young kids. After the pandemic, when many women had to quit, they expressed the desire to come back when things are better. The management has ensured these women that there will be a place for them when they are ready.
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Merit-Based Success

While both men and women are heavily stereotyped, the conventional stereotypes attributed to women hurt their acceptance and progress in the tech industry. Nurses and teachers should be women while engineers and doctors are a man’s domain. A person in an office space must be defined by what they do and not who they are. The work culture needs to ensure that every person is judged strictly based on the merit of their ideas.
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Locobuzz has not levied special allowances or quotas for women to ensure that women join their company. They have simply ensured that every person is given a chance to follow their instincts. Their head of design and head of sales are both women who created a place for themselves in the company through their work ethic, ideas, and effective execution. A company must value and promote good work and good ideas - no matter who they come from.

Your Work Matters, Not Your Identity

This needs to begin with the hiring process itself. While this may seem trivial, often questions about a woman’s personal life are studded with hidden inferences. Asking a woman if they are married, and how long they have been married, can be a subtle way of knowing if they will be needing maternity leave. At Locobuzz, when a potential employee is interviewed, their personal life is not questioned. This is a way of ensuring that a person is hired based on their merit.

Just as much as people shape a company, a company shapes them. Locobuzz exemplifies how being more receptive, inclusive, and conscientious can completely transform traditional work culture that is currently a barrier to many women in the field of tech.

Insiya Raja
Team Locobuzz

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