Why not to fear AI: The Technology with the Power to Create a Better Future

Why not-to-fear Artificial Intelligence?

AI is here, and it is here to stay. There has been a lot of speculation and fear-mongering relating to the impacts of AI in our lives - from simple fears of AI replacing human labour to science-fiction-y, dystopian futures in which machines will take over the world.

Here is a list of common fears of AI, and why those fears are baseless:

AI Is Coming For Your Jobs!

A person’s job is their fundamental security. That is how they earn their living, keep a roof over their head, and find their place within society. One of the most common fears of AI is that it will lead to mass unemployment. These are the same fears harboured by our kind in the wake of the digital revolution (also known as the third industrial revolution). However, computers and the internet ended up creating way more jobs than they made obsolete.

The smarter we make our technology, the more it can do for us. AI systems serve the role of augmented intelligence i.e. they support humans in what they do and not replace them entirely. The skills that are increasingly prevalent in the world cannot be replicated by AI: creativity, social intelligence, critical thinking. This is the domain of man. AI would simply give humans the opportunity to amplify their creativity. Yes, AI might replace certain types of jobs that humans do, it will also provide a whole new spectrum of jobs that more people will be prepared for in the future.


The most far-fetched fear is one that is fuelled by various science fiction movies such as Terminator, Skynet and 2001: A Space Odyssey. These movies portray a future in which humans will become the servants, and the intelligent machines their masters. However, the fear that AI will develop consciousness is founded in misconceptions.

First, no-one knows how to make something conscious. We can make something intelligent, but consciousness is something that even humans do not fully understand, let alone replicate. Second, that machines will somehow have their own goals (to take over the world, etc.) is just not how AI works - it does not have free will, ambitions, or intentions. AI is designed to do things faster and more effectively than humans. To make better sense of our world and implement more effective solutions.

General Unease

A lot of consternation about AI cannot be pointed to what AI is currently doing, but what it has the potential to do. Human nature fears the unknown. Any big, transformative change poses a threat to the current status quo that many people enjoy. However, humans have time and time again shown their agility and adaptability - growing and developing along with technology to make sure that our collective lives are made better.
This general anxiety is a consequence of fixating on the potential short-term changes without taking into account the long term effects of AI on making helping us design a better future.

The benefits of AI are limitless; it can help us fight climate change, discover new treatments for diseases, improve transportation, improve communication, etc. A separate article would have to be dedicated to each of these problems.

Let’s quickly look at one field that AI has revolutionized: Consumer Experience Management:

  • AI has completely transformed what we can know about our consumers by providing a 360-degree view of customer experience. An MIT survey found that customer service is the most active department for AI deployment today. By 2022, it will remain the leading area of AI use in companies.

  • AI platforms involving big data analytics and Machine Learning have the capacity to monitor and organize millions of data sets. Brands can for the first time track what people are saying about them in real-time. As brands become more cognizant of their consumers, brands are equipped to design products and marketing campaigns that are better suited to changing consumer needs.

  • AI makes your brand available to your consumers 24x7. Chatbots allow people to get answers to their problems without having to wait for a person to see their concerns. AI also efficiently streamlines chatter throughout social media that needs to be responded to, cutting short the turnaround time.

  • AI allows a brand to expand its audience without neglecting its existing consumer base. Read our blog to explore in-depth about the application of AI in improving consumer experience, loyalty and trust.

AI thrives on information - the more the better, and social media is an endless source.

Embrace the technology-powered to derive powerful insights for your brand’s strategic goals.

Let us not fear the future but shape it. Let us not fear change but embrace it. We are, after all, the most intelligent creatures on this planet, and we must not reject what can make us smarter.

Insiya Raja
Team Locobuzz

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