Titan, India’s leading accessories brand tells all on overcoming CX challenges through a popular chat medium - WhatsApp Messenger

A case study in the proud association of Titan & Locobuzz Solutions

Texting as a medium of Customer Experience

  • 63% of customers say that they have messaged brands over WhatsApp more often now, over the past 2 years

  • 67% of customers say that their habit of texting brands over WhatsApp may increase over the coming 2 years

  • WhatsApp Business claims to house around 15 million monthly users in India, and more than 50 million globally.

This year, WhatsApp has seen a surge in brand-customer relations! Here’s how:

According to The Mint, WhatsApp Business Solution was devised with the strategy of leveraging omnichannel
communications, support the rise of conversational commerce and bring personalization to customer
conversations – and customers love it!

So why did Titan choose WhatsApp to conduct business?

Customer demand always tips the scale

Texting became the primary way of communication for most people during the 2020’s worst global lockdown, making 78% of global audiences choose to reach out to brands over WhatsApp. Most brands like Titan realized that WhatsApp had to become a part of their omnichannel ORM strategy. Titan knew their customers were talking – they just wanted to listen and respond better and faster than the rest of the market.

Here’s how Titan did it:

Titan signed up with WhatsApp through Locobuzz since October 2019, adding a crucial peg to their existing ORM and Customer Experience Management (CXM) suite

The decision proved to be good - Here are the key highlights

Titan witnessed more than 97,000 tickets and over 3,70,000 messages from customers over a period of one year starting October 2019

Having observed nearly 64,000 Unique users reach out to them in this period, they noticed that every user had sent an average of 6 messages to the brand over a wide range of topics – right from requesting product details, brand information and purchase logistics!

Titan also noticed, that in the months of August and September 2020 alone, WhatsApp Business has led to generating nearly 102 leads for the brand
Bar Graph depicting customer-brand interaction over WhatsApp between October 2019 and September 2020 (Statistics via Locobuzz Solutions)

Bar Graph depicting customer-brand interaction over WhatsApp between October 2019 and September 2020 (Statistics via Locobuzz Solutions)

Titan tells all on leveraging WhatsApp as a medium of effective ORM and customer experience management:

On the success of using WhatsApp as an effective ORM channel

“The direct value of WhatsApp Business is obvious to ORM functionality. Locobuzz especially has made it seamless by integrating the CRM team’s work onto the tool. Our customers are able to send the images, recordings, videos and more importantly – it is a safer and convenient platform where customers are able to share their details without hesitating much as compared to other social media platforms.”

On the challenges that Titan faced during the COVID crisis

“The fact that our customers couldn’t visit our stores led to them reaching out on WhatsApp and other social channels. The engagement went through the roof! Many of the questions were about deliveries and associated concerns because the COVID crisis had made daily logistics a genuine concern. Our social media platforms were busier than ever, and we took every opportunity to connect with our customers and vice versa. This was obviously possible because Locobuzz has made the entire digital realm available on a single-view dashboard.”

The average brand-customer activity on hourly intervals in a day for the period of October 2019 to September 2020 (statistics via Locobuzz)

On how Titan could contain customer crises through WhatsApp ORM & Locobuzz

“Simple. Firstly, the real-time updates. Secondly, the tool’s auto-response feature – which saved a lot of time and answered many queries in a systematic and timely fashion. Lastly, we stuck to the designated SLA of 20 minutes – for ALL Social Media concerns. Mostly, we thrived on
the fact that we had many options from different tool features to rely on in terms of crisis management.”

On showcasing brand-worthy success through technology

“Tag clouds have spilt a few secrets, actually. There’s been a lot of calling out of boycotting China-made products, and many a buzz about TATA taking a firm stand about people’s safety during the pandemic. It was nice to see the trust people have in our brand. We were able to keep a track on all customer sentiments, while the tool helped display trends, on-time capture of tickets, and maintain TAT level of 90 and above. It’s what a brand would expect of an ORM SaaS service in critical times.”

Keyword chatter of Titan Customers for the first 6 months and the last six months – between October 2019 and September 2020 (Statistics via Locobuzz Solutions)

Why Titan prefers Locobuzz

“Since Locobuzz provided a strong mechanism to manage customers on the digital foothold, we were able to convert a lot of unhappy customers into really happy ones – a huge achievement in the times of the COVID crisis. Locobuzz helped track customer issues, concerns, and much more with many of its technological advancements. The detailed dashboard provides a quick overview of goings-on per social media platform. The cherry on top of the cake? The detailed reports and the super-relevant data.”

The distribution of types of media received by the brand from its users in the of October 2019 to September 2020.(Statistics via Locobuzz)

A byte from Locobuzz Solutions

The year 2020 has been a fascinating period to observe mega-brands like Titan take unique measures to help their customers be connected and enabled with the products and services. We as a SaaS platform have aided brands from nearly every segment to achieve just that – a continuing and steadfast relationship between brands and consumers, no matter what.

While the numbers speak for themselves, let the experience of a fantastic CX management suite speak for you as well.

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