5 common SEO mistakes to avoid

SEO is very crucial for every online business. And in 2021, you just can't afford any harm to your online business. Well, we are all humans, and we are even bound to make mistakes, but how quickly can we actually learn and grow through this?

So, here are the common SEO mistakes to avoid

One of the best and easiest things to overlook, broken links can be a dampener to your SEO rank. A broken link can even cause your page to rank negatively.

A broken link is essentially a website or page that does not exist. This can be due to many factors like the website is not working or even taken down or even just a type in the URL. The search engine does not like to crawl the web pages that return an error code of 404 because simply put, it wastes their resources and time.

At the time when you backlink these sites in your on-page content, this can cause your page rankings to fall. Moreover, it is best to exercise caution whilst uploading links to your site. Also, always try to keep a regular check of these links every once in a while.

Poor quality content

As a thumb rule, it is essential to know that your page will rank higher only when the content is relevant and is of good quality. After all, the popular digital marketing phrase “Content is King” stems from this.

With lots of websites trying to make their way to the top with keyword stuffing and other such ways, the only way to stay on the top of the game is to be more authentic.

Poor quality content is not just limited to the absence of any value-adding factors like graphs, statistics, infographics, etc. but also includes a whole other category, which is plagiarism.

In a world with lots and lots of opinions and articles on the same topic, originality still remains a major key factor in making your content rank on the top of the search results pages.

Keyword stuffing

SEO Keywords play a major role in improving SEO but overdoing it can also end it for you. A particular keyword like “Tourist Spots in Bangalore” should be strategically used in your blog.

Keyword stuffing may even lead users to your site but adds no real value to your content and maybe useless to your audience. Thus, instead of simply overstuffing the content with keywords, focus on the relevant, targeted keywords that will help you rank well on the search engine.

Always make sure to avoid phrases that make the content seem unnatural. After all, your content floats only when it makes any sense. If the reader at any point of time notices keywords being stuffed in some corner of the page without any relevance, it can even affect the reputation of your company.

SEO for images

One of the easiest things to overlook at the time of writing a blog is the “Alt Text” that is used in images. The Alt text is a caption that displays when a cursor is run over it. This attribute, while mostly being ignored, can greatly contribute to the SEO of the page.

An Alt Text can even include the primary keywords to boost your Search Engine Ranking Position. In short, make sure to never forget to optimize your alt text if you are looking for better results.

Slow website

In this era of the digital world and high-speed internet, it is not possible to deny that slow loading websites are a significant buzzkill for the reader. Nobody likes to wait for anything, and what do you know, which is a mere 5 seconds that can end up making or breaking your impression.

A faster loading of the website means that higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates because the user is not provided with the time to get frustrated and go somewhere else. This can even prove to be extremely helpful. In a recent report by Google, it was found that more than 53% of the users are more likely to leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Moreover, it is essential to regularly monitor and optimize your website speed with a speed test that is available on the internet. Some of the popular speed test websites in India are RunTest and Ookla.

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