VOICE ASSISTANT MARKETING- let your brands Jive by the Voice!

Driving through your daily navigation, your 2019 routine, commands a Voice to be heard.
This Voice helps you gather informational updates, recognizes you solely, responds to your accent,
provides you with answer to the unknown, lists & directions, where you want to be, the way you need to go, and the things you want to see.

Almost 46% of daily smart phone users, conduct a search for information using voice commands on Local Businesses. 59% of the youth, 65% of adults, 50% of mid-lifers, predominantly use Voice Assistants for their online searches.
And by 2020, 50% of all data searches will be done with the power of Voice.

Do the Voice, Make the choice?

Can we say that the future of Marketing, lies in Siri, Alexa, and Ok Google’s hands? Up-Scale your brands Share of Voice, by listing yourself in these Dynamic SEO systems, based on Ai analytics and Machine Learning, to receive two kinds of leads mainly, Responses & Actions.

All you got to do is tie up with these devices, to put your consumers at ease, optimising content in a “speak able” manner, stratifying your listing, to increase online visiting.

Let’s visualise, unlock your phones, and ask, “What is Locobuzz”? you get an auto reply, giving you a short brief of the same brand. Now, that was beneficial for us, wasn’t it?
Whether you are a Retail store, E-commerce brand, Home Décor shop, or a general Panwalla, it’s important to get looped and provide a link to your brand, with or without SM platforms or a website, here you can trace your relevance and update yourselves to lead footsteps to your location, by even using Google Maps!

Take two, lets learn how to Spotify, this application download helps you access your music on that platform so easily as to just by saying, “Ok google, Alexa, play my music!” it auto directs, and starts playing your music on Spotify, and also listen to a particular song on the same by just asking.

So, you can say, the 2019 Marketing roadmap, is by catching basic primary senses, mainly through Hearing and Listening.

So how do Voice Assistants help us activate business mobility? There is a worldwide need to be automated, assisted and locally accessible.

•They are the new age Search Engines: As Voice search popularity increases, it is estimated that in the next 5 years, all top search mechanics will be based and deemed to be qualified in reference to how popular your brand stands on Voice Search Navigation.

•No reading, no eye strains, just sit back and listen: You thought traditional ways of typing, crawling through search after being indexed by Search engines was easy? “Welcome to the new age of Local Search engine Marketing powered by Social listening and Voice Assistants.”

•Direct navigation & backlinks for Company relevant information: Local optimisation helps you tap near and relevant audiences who will have a comparatively higher motivation to try your brand, hence creating popular leads, which are immediate and susceptible to greater conversion rates.

•Gives you a micro description for you to glimpse better: Rather than reading a whole website, taking on the Micro Blog phenomenon, Voice assistants introduce your brands to unconscious consumers with a short storified description for your brand.

•No Touch, or type, just Talk!: Like you talk to people to gather Insights, Smart phone users can now talk to Bots, beyond the touch and type way. So, it’s time to get talking, and up your game on Voice Command listing. This will enable to give users your insights and put your portfolio up for the grabs on the Social Internet.

•Enhance your SEO and be available at the TOP Ranks: The easier the better is just the millennial way to go, customer experience being the key objective of brands. Just get your Online Ranking right, majority positive sentiments that prove your might, your brand will be top ranking in no time!

Note: To the new Brand Marketing MOTTO-

1.Gather Sound Bytes
2.Engage with Voice assistants
3.Get located locally.